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Single Needle Direct Drive Lock Stitcher with Electronic Feeding System, Auto Foot Lift (AFL) and Thread Trimmer S-7300A NEXIO AFL

Driving a New Era of Sewing TechnologyS-7300A NEXIO

World's First (Single Needle Lock Stitch Machine) S-7300A realizes ideal stitches with 'Electronic Feed' System

Adopted the World's First function which uses electronic feeding system and is capable to change the feed motion accrording to usage.

The motor can control accurate positioning, providing numerical contron for pitch length and stable stitches.

Adopts for various materials

The feed motion can be changed according to sewing materials, realizing suitable stitches for each.
Design Stitch
Design Stitch, which was used to by hand only before, is now available. It brings wide range of possibilities to adopt on collar and cuffs.
Condensed stitching and back tack sewig can be operated on the same seam
Thanks to the electronical feeding system, the mechanic adjustment is no more necessary.

New Double action thread trimming system
The two movable knives enable to cut the thread at the bottom of needle hole, realizing the remaining short thread at minimum to offer stress-free operation.

Short remaining thread minimum 3mm
Thread trimming after sewing is easy thanks to the short remaining thread and even length of the remaining thread.

Enhances the sewing quality by bird's nest reduction
The bird's nest is minimized so that the materials are not damaged by removing the threads.

Color LCD Touch Panel
The easy-to-use touch panel is available for 2 types of display according to the users, 

Detailed mode Home and Easy mode Home. It indicates display items with illustration icons, offering user-intuitive operation.

Best performance mode
When switching it ON, it is effective for upper thread run out and remaining short thread.

Cross-over seam Assist Mode
You can set ON/OFF for seam joint sewing with material thickness sensor. It is effective for clogging prevention at cross-over seam.

Feed motion Change
You can select the feed motion type from 4 kinds of feed motion.

Other Functions

The Protect Mode can be locked the sewing pitch and sewing speed.
When an error occurs, the error message and solution are displayed on the panel.
The New Hook for Wide Range of Materials
The new hook which has improved the thread path to realize the stable sewing.
One machine can operate from medium materials and a part of heavy materials
The new hook for medium materials spec has been improved to enhance the sewing capability, it reduces the burden of replacement of machine according to items.
graphSewing Capability is Enlarged
Easy operation with Hand Switch
Useful functions are easily carried out with the 2 hand switches.
You can assign the functions to each switch, so various useful funcations are available with a combination of switches. 
Assigning the functions can be set on the panel.

To improve the reverse sewing operation
The hand switches can be assigned functions which was previously done with the reverse lever. The switches are located within operators grasp, the operator can perform the operation without slowing down.

The compensation stitch is available just as desired
You can set single stitch and half-length stitch. By diving the switches to be used, the compensation stitch is available with less operator's work load.

Automatic material thickness sensor
The automatic material thickness sensor detects the thickness while sewing, realizing stable sewing.

Stable and Safe Operation
When the sensor detects the thickness difference, the feed motion and sewing speed is automatically changed for the thickness joint. It reduces the possibilities of clogging and needle breakage occur with less burden for operator.

Easy for unskilled operators
The sewing pitch can be stable so even the unskilled operators can realize the quality sewing.

Needle Breakage Prevention Function
Needle Breakage Prevention Function The needle breakage is serious quality problem in the sewing factories. Only Brother's sewing machines can provide solutions to it by the needle breakage prevention function(Patent aquired).
With the electronical feeding system, it controls the timing of motion of needle and feed dog while sewing and prevents the needle breakage occurs.
The function reduces the possibility of needle breakage which occurs when reverse stitching is carried out with the backtack switch.

USB Port
USB port The USB port is equipped as standard, so sewing patterns copy and software upgrade can be done easily.
By registering such as stitch length and sewing speed as a sewing program, you can copy the environmental settings to other sewing machines, reducing the work time when the operation change.

LED Handy Light (Two-sides type)
LED Handy Light (Two-sides type)Two-sides LED handy light, which has advantages for brightness and durability is equipped as standard.
Two-sides type prevents to get dark on handling area so it is effective for easy operation and productivity enhancement. The brightness can be adjusted five-level on the operation panel.

Comfortable Pulley
Comfortable pulley the new design pulley is designed to be fit in women operators' reach.
The distance to the pulley is 80 mm shorter than the conventional model.

Clean Sewing to Prevent Oil Staining
You can choose minilum lubrication system and semi-dry system. Our lubrication system realize clean sewing and sewing products will not be stained.

Brother Green Label Acquired
S-7300A meets the voluntary environmental standards(Brother Green Label Standard) on environment-consious products.

This machine comes with a 12 month back to base guarantee.

Due to the size and weight of this machine please call 0208 574 1750 for information on delivery.

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