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Brother KE-430FS-05 Electronic Direct Drive Lockstitch Bar Tack Industrial Sewing Machine

This machine comes complete with head, energy direct drive internal motor, wheel stand, table and cotton stand.

This machine comes with an energy saving speed adjustable silent motor, proven to save upto 20% electricity when compared with a standard motor!

Stable thread tightening and thread trimmer when sewing from medium materials to heavy materials, high quality sewing will be realized on various materials.

Greatly improves the sewing quality
In addition to the stability of sewing for heavy materials, new suitable thread take up for medium materials is added. With the best thread take up for each material it greatly improves the sewing quality. Basic spring tension is standard equipment for operators to adjust texture directly.

Extremely low noise and vibration for operator friendly sewing
Optimal design by computer analysis, optimal control for direct drive motor and feeding motor reduces sewing noise and vibration greatly. It helps reduce stress and fatigue of operators and supply an operator friendly environment.

High energy saving.
New Brother developed motor gives high energy saving with direct drive system which minimizes loss of power transmission.

Bar Tacks may be used to reinforce the bottom of a fly opening. In sewing, bar tack, also written bar-tack or bartack, refers to a series of stitches used to reinforce areas of a garment that may be subject to stress or additional wear.

This machine is ideal for denim wear from light, medium or heavy weight materials.

Singe Needle
Bar Tack
Sewing Speed (3200 spm)
Needle System (DPx5)
Sewing Area (Max 40mm x 30mm)
Stitch Length (0.05mm – 12.7mm)
Feed Mechanism (Pulse Motor Driven Mechanism)
Max No. Of Stitches (5,000 Stitches/Pattern)
Work Clamp Lifter (Pulse Motor Drive System)
Work Clamp Height (Max 17mm)
Rotary Hook (Shuttle Hook)
Data Storage Method (Flash Memory/SD Card)
No Of Cycle Programs (30 Cycle/50 Programs For Each Cycle)
No Of Stored Data (89 Sewing Patterns Set/512 Patterns Can Be Added)
Weight (80KG Complete)
Single Phase 240v 13 amp (can be used at home)

Accessories Included:
Soft Cover

This machine comes with a 12 month back to base guarantee.

Due to the size and weight of this machine please call 0208 574 1750 for information on delivery.

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